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October 10, 2015
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By: Georges Bizet

Coliseum Theatre, London
June 2010

Director: Penny Woolcock
Choreographer: Andy Dawson
Scenery: Dick Bird
Costumes: Kevin Pollard
Projections: 59 Productions

"The opening sequence of pearl divers arrowing through aquamarine waters, which gives way to a fishing village perched precariously on stilts above the sea, the fragile platforms crowded with villagers bustling with individual life, is as visually stunning as anything I have ever seen. Dick Bird’s set, Jennifer Schriever’s clever lighting and Fifty-Nine Productions’ videos are miraculous"

Global News Box

"Flimsy shacks, propped one against another, await the next great tidal wave, which will return them to the flotsam and jetsam of which they are made. Dick Bird's sets, lit by Jennifer Schriever, often create magical stage pictures with billowing sea, fairy-lights and a creakily rocking barque. A canvas tent, which swoops encompassingly like a bird of prey, suggests both natural disaster and insurgent encampment."

The Observer

"Director Penny Woolcock fills the stage with water imagery. During the prelude, divers descend from the top of the stage and swim up again -- the first time I have ever seen this effect work in the theater (it's thanks to Jennifer Schriever's lighting). Waves swell under designer Dick Bird's amazing set."

Wall Street Journal

"Dick Bird’s ingenious if creaky set is lit evocatively by Jennifer Schriever"

London Evening Standard

"It is a stunning piece of visual theatre, making effective use of the vast dimensions of the Coliseum’s proscenium arch to emphasise the insignificance of humankind in comparison with the might of the sea."

Opera Today

"Jennifer Schriever’s lighting effects combined with Dick Bird’s set design helped to create a mesmerising sea"

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